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Jerry T. Lai, Certified Public Accountant has been practicing public accounting for 29 years. His goal has been to provide his clients with the highest level of technical expertise with personalized service.

Your Most Valuable Business Asset…

…may be the accounting services you receive. Whether you business needs are simple or complex, my firm has the full working knowledge of tax laws to serve all your accounting needs from tax planning to financial accounting to long-term planning.

You Are A Part of the Boom…

…that is completely reshaping the way Americans think about small business and personal assets. The increased sophistication and expanding need for information, capital, and systems to manage them is simply staggering.

The boom in the small business sector has also created a sizable gap in the range of accounting services available to them. And in addition to this gap, you have had to sacrifice the personal one-on-one attention you had once expected to be a valuable part of your professional services.

That is why I am concentrating on helping smaller businesses like yours to grow and to become more effective so that you can have the personal one-on-one service and still receive the accounting services you need.

Because You Are The Decision Maker…

…in a business employing fewer than 50 employees, with annual sales anywhere between $20,000 and $20 million.

Whether business today is good or bad, the plain truth is it can always be better. But in order to increase it, you need to make one key decision now.

You need to choose an accountant and financial adviser to help assess current – and plan for future – profitability; an accountant who can offer you continuity as you grow because you’ll never be able to outgrow him.

Choose the Accountant Who Can Help You Grow

…Choose the accountant whose focus is helping small businesses and individuals with a wide range of accounting services that answer important financial questions.

Questions such as:
    How do I lower my income taxes? 
    How do I run a business to be more profitable, increase cash flows, minimize debt and achieve my goals?
    How do I know when I have sufficient assets for expansion, retirement, and my other goals? 
    What other questions should I ask in order to reach my financial goals?

Because every decision you make today has a material impact on your long-term goals, you need to make that key decision today. There are very few sources for long-range financial information – the information absolutely necessary for you to make wise decisions. 

Changing Accountants Can Be a Difficult Decision…

…unless you are one of the many business owners who feel that they pay too much in taxes and that they have little to show for their long hours of work.

In accounting, it’s not the numbers, but what the numbers are telling you. If you want to be rich, you’ve got to read and understand numbers. That is why successful business people surround themselves with the best bankers, attorneys, and certified public accountants.

Most accountants meet with their clients once or twice a year to have their tax returns prepared. These meetings do not tell the business owner how to become more profitable or how to generate better cash flows. Our monthly financial package allows you to take immediate steps to improve profits and cash flows. You understand what the numbers are saying.

Taxes Are Often A Person’s Greatest Expense
Most families work from January to mid-May for the government just to cover their taxes. My firm specializes in the tax and accounting needs of small to medium-sized business owners. We provide our clients with an income tax projection during the calendar year end. This allows you to focus on tax planning to ensure that you pay the lowest amount of taxes. You work hard for your money, and we do not want you paying the government a single cent more than required by law.

Knowing that tax experts prepare your tax returns and that your business is maximizing its cash flows gives you peace of mind and more personal freedom.

Action always beats non-action. The next step is yours.

Personal Profile

Jerry T. Lai has extensive experience in tax services, auditing, financial consulting, business planning and computer software consultation. His experience from 29 years includes a broad range of industries emphasizing in real estate, wholesale distributors, retailers, computer technologies, and medical professionals...etc. Mr. Lai has also provided extensive tax and accounting services for estates and trusts.

Jerry T. Lai started his public accounting career in 1989. After several years as a senior tax accountant and senior auditor for several large accounting firms, he went into practice for himself in 1997.

Jerry T. Lai holds a Certified Public Accounting certificate from the State of California. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

To broaden his financial and management background, he has passed the licensing exam for insurance and has a master degree in business administration.

His interests include community and professional events, reading books, watching movies, and participating in tennis.
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